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       Natalia Sterlikova Loehr   Tel. 40 40 55 90, Email:text4youdk@gmail.com

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Professional solutions to your language  problems

We live in the age of globalization where technologies made notion  of distance  obsolete. We communicate over distances as never before and therefore we need to  ensure that we understand each other correctly. Written communication plays  important role in the modern  information flow and understanding between languages and cultures is very important if you want to get your message across. We offer you  professional translation  of all kinds of texts for  documents and websites in  English/Russian/Danish .We  project ourselves into your world, using our knowledge of language to make your translations accurate, adequate and easily understandable. 

We  can translate  among other  things:

Technical documentation     Software     Annual reports     Contracts/Tenders

Marketing/promotion materials     Websites     Press releases   Publications 


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